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Your Business,

Anyone can be successful in business with a good product or service backed by good marketing.

Hi, I’m Scott!

I’m a copywriter.

It’s my job to use words to make you more money.

I specialize in helping businesses grow to reach their full potential.

I accomplish this by leveraging 3 of my most valuable skills: copywriting, ad campaign management, and email marketing.

Good copywriting makes sales.

Good ad campaigns get the right eyeballs on your website.

Good emails keep your customers buying.

If you need help scaling your business, then we should work together!

Give me a call at 289-943-5477 or email me at scott@scalewithscott.ca to get started.

Here are the packages I Offer:

Copywriting Rookie



  • Copywriting for 1 converting email to send to your email list
  • 1 Revision

Copywriting & Campaign Management

$1000/month (most popular)


  • Copywriting & Setup for Google Ads
  • Copywriting for Landing Pages
  • Copywriting for Email Marketing

+ Daily Monitoring and Optimization

+ Multiple Ads for Split-Testing

+ Ad Campaign Management

+ Email Marketing Campaign Management

+ Biweekly Campaign Progress Reports

Copywriting Guru



  • Copywriting for Daily Social Media Posts
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Design
  • I’ll Write You a Song
  • Honestly I’d Learn Pretty Much Anything for a Million Bucks
  • But that Second Option is Looking Pretty Good Right Now

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